Perfectly Natural Eyeliners


User Reviews

Good Product

Posted by Christel

I have been happy with my eyeliner, my eyes don't hurt and burn since these are gluten free.

Best eyeliner ever!

Posted by Kelly

Love this product! It glides on smoothly and the color lasts all day! I ordered the Expresso which works well for my blue eyes. Most importantly, my eyes don't itch and turn red. Nor do I have any allergic reaction to this product!!!! Highly recommend!!!!

Black liner WOW!

Posted by Crystal Lynne

Simply perfect. I ordered black. I wear contacts and I use my black liner on my lower and upper water lines. Goes on well but stays and does not irritate my eyes and contacts at all. Now I want more colors... The new green looks really really pretty.

Love this liner!

Posted by Laurie G

I have been trying to find a great gluten free eyeliner that stays put for years. I ballroom dance, so I get really sweaty, and I need an eyeliner that doesn't run down my face. I bought these liners in both the Navy and the Espresso. These eyeliners are amazing. They glide on very smoothly, and the color is beautiful. As long as I don't rub my eyes, the color stays put through hours of dancing. Not only that, I have had zero allergic type reaction to these liners. I'm in love! Highly recommend.

Stays on long

Posted by undefined

I have been very pleased with this eye liner. Was quite surprised that I can apply it in the mornings and it's still there in the evening.

Best eyeliner pencil ever!

Posted by undefined

This eyeliner is great! It glides on super smooth and I love that it is soy-free!

Wonderful Soy Free Eyeliner

Posted by Lin S.

It is so difficult to find soy free cosmetics. This eyeliner is not only soy free, but it is a dream to use. Love it and will order again!

best eyeliner I've tried so far!

Posted by janelle

After learning that all of the makeup I owned had genetically modified ingredients, dyes, and other junk I didn't want going on my skin, I found this website. Very satisfied with the eyeliners I purchased, smoke and espresso. They go on without any irritation, and look fantastic! Will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Amazing Quality on Natural Eye Liner

Posted by Hanna R.

I received this order several days ago. I ordered the Blanc Eye Liner. The quality on the Eye Liner is amazing!

No more itchy eyes!

Posted by Kim

The best thing about this eyeliner is that I can wear it without having itchy eyes. I was not use to using a pencil eyeliner but it is so worth the adjustment to be able to wear eyeliner again.

Noir eyeliner

Posted by undefined

I have been very happy with the eyeliner pencil that I ordered; it goes on smoothly and is the only liner that I have ever used that doesn't smudge under the eye area after application. At the end of the day, it still looks as good as it did when first applied. Also, the Noir color is not a harsh black. Will definitely re-order!

No issues at all with this soy free makeup!

Posted by marlene

I have been loving this new soy free makeup that I got! It looks great on my eyes, and goes on smoothly. The color options are great, the perfect shade for me. A good price for such good makeup, I was impressed! The makeup I ordered got to me fast, too.

Love this soy free/gluten free option!

Posted by Michele

Having a soy free/gluten free option is just short of a miracle! I use Smoke which gives me a great natural look without looking too harsh. I can't say it stays on those days I have itchy, weepy allergy eyes but for every day its great!


Posted by judith

I have been using this eyeliner (Noir) for years, and will use no other. My eyes used to burn and hurt after using products on them and after trying lots of different products I finally quit using eye make up. Then i found UltraPure, and thought i would give it another try. I'm so glad i did!

Great Product

Posted by Pamela

This product goes on smooth. I love it. I bought it in 2 colors the first time out and I am not disappointed that I did. All natural product that I am truly happy with.

Great Soy & Gluten free eyeliners

Posted by undefined

I recently found out that I have a soy allergy and that all of my make-up has soy in it. I found this web site and ordered a mascara and Espresso eyeliner. I love the products!! I have been using Clinque make up exclusively for more than 30 years and was devastated to find out that I need to find something else. These products an amazing replacement. They are in the same class as Clinque, I purchased the espresso eyeliner but it is a bit dark and almost looks black on me. I have a fair complexion with green eyes. I love the quality and texture of it the eyeliner. It's not too hard or too soft. After using the mascara and espresso eyeliner for a few weeks without a reaction I purchased the taupe eyeliner. It is much lighter than the espresso. Almost too light for an eyeliner but it works and I've gotten used to it. Also, it is a much softer texture than the espresso. All three products are amazing and I would definitely give them a try if you have a soy or gluten allergy.

Excellent drawabiity!

Posted by Susan

Soy free and easy to apply. Totally non-irritating will be getting more colors. Thanks for a great product.

Really Like These

Posted by Annie S.

I have several colors in the eye liners.....Navy Blue and Blanc (white). They really work for me and the colors stays put.

Not exactly what I thought

Posted by undefined

I thought it would go on without pulling the skin but it did. Liquid liner seems better but you do not offer it. UltraPure Cosmetic responds: Our liners are very soft and DO glide on easily. If a liner sits for awhile in a draw, it could become a little hard over time. Warm up the liner by drawing on the back of your hand before applying to eyes and it will become soft again. We do offer a liquid liner fixative that will transform any FX Eye Shadow into a liquid liner.

5 Reasons I LOVE the Ultra Pure Eye Liner

Posted by Gerry

1. It glides on smoothly without pulling 2. It doubles as a brow pencil 3. It smudges perfectly for that smoky look 4. It's Gluten free, Soy Free, Dye Free 5. It doesn't irritate or make my eyes water!

Glides on with a breeze!

Posted by Jan R.

Love the deep black and how it glides on so softly and quickly. I could even smudge it which I like to do. Last all day without any irritation. Thanks UltraPure!

Love These Liners!

Posted by Marlene T.

I love these liners because they don't pull on your lids...the color glides on effortlessly and the color stays put!

Perfectly Natural Eye Liners

Redefine your eyes!  Our natural mineral eye liners will create the perfect liner effect. 

*Product update:  we have begun shipping an updated version of the same formula.  It is now in a slightly thicker barrel pencil, and applies more like a crayon (slightly more smudgy).  If a more defined line is desired, please sharpen the pencil first.  Need a sharpener?  Click Here

We have gotten great feedback on the new update! 

  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Dye Free
  • Glides on effortlessly, never tugging on delicate eyes
  • Perfect for the most sensitive skin types
  • Cruelty Free
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Espresso and Taupe can double as the perfect eye brow pencil.
  • Light up your eyes with Blanc (white) Eye Liner.  Our most versatile eye liner! Smudge in inner corner of eye to make the eye appear brighter.  Try it under the brow for a subtle highlighting effect, or on the "cupid bow" of lips to highlight lips.
  • If liner seems cold or dry, then warm it up on the back of your hand before applying. It will apply easier. 
  • This product can be sensitive in heat.  Don't leave in car or near a window where it can get too hot.


Ingredients: Cold-pressed jojoba oil, castor oil, beeswax, candelilla wax, soy-free vitamin E, mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide.