Illume Exfoliation Gelée Facial Cleanser 3.8 oz (Brightening) NEW!

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Illume Exfoliation Gelée Facial Cleanser - 3.8 oz  (Brightening)

A mouth-watering watermelon facial gel cleanser that will exfoliate and brighten your skin and your senses!  This naturally fragrant pink facial cleanser smells like a slice of summer! 

Active Interests:

  • AHA Mixture:  Alpha Hydroxy Acid mixture of Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Orange, Lemon, and Sugar Maple. These botanical extracts deliver five natural AHAs to the skin: Lactic Acid (from Bilberry), Glycolic Acid (from Sugar Cane), Citric Acid (from Orange and Lemon), and Malic and Tartaric Acids (from Sugar Maple). These AHAs are commonly used to treat skin conditions such as rough skin, surface wrinkles and fine lines. Recognized for having exfoliating properties, AHAs leave the skin with a smooth and radiant appearance.
  • Rumex extract: is derived from plants of the Rumex genus which is found in Canadian Prairies. The inhibition of tyrosinase helps to reduce the formation of unwanted pigmentation and age spots
  • Watermelon Fruit Extract: touted for being rich in vitamin C, amino acids and lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that's great for sun-damaged skin. It's also said to promote cell regeneration, moisturize, cleanse and exfoliate.
  • Agave Stem Cell Extractmoisture binding properties of agave nectar to maximize epidermal hydration.
  • Pantothenic Acid:  binds and holds moisture keeping skin quenched!

Instructions for use:  use dime sized amount on wet skin several times weekly.  Thicker/oilier skins may use more often, while thinner/dry/sensitive skin types may use less frequently.  If skin feels overly irritated discontinued use.

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