Bright Skin Cleanser - 4.5 oz (Updated Formula Coming Soon)

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Bright Skin Cleanser 4.5 oz (Updated Formula Coming Soon)

Skin Types:  recommended for mature, normal, dry, combination, oily

This effective facial cleanser gently sweeps away all impurities, while helping the skin become more even-­toned, hydrated and clear. The result is beautiful translucent skin at any age.

Active Interests:

  • Tyrostat: is an extract of the Rumex plant (native to the Canadian prairie) which has been shown in studies to be more effective than hydroquinone, turmeric, and arbutin for skin lightening.  This enzyme is present is both human and plant tissue. It is responsible for the formation of the red­-brown pigmentation that provides one with the coloring of their skin, and browning in fruits and vegetables.
    • Tyrosinase inhibition reduces the formation of unwanted pigmentation allowing for control over skin tone.
  • Licorice: has a gentle brightening and soothing action. It helps fade sun damage and hyper-pigmentation safely for all skin tones, while blocking melanin production to prevent more from forming.
  • Agave Stem Cell Extract:  Agave nectar contains high levels of fructose and glucose, and also contains sucrose and poly-fructosans. These sugars help to lock in moisture the same way they frugally store water reserves for the agave plant. Sugars are hygroscopic, so they are capable of drawing moisture close to the skin.
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free

Instructions for use: apply a dime­-sized drop of facial cleanser into hands, mixing with water. Gently use circular motion, cleansing skin. Rinse well. Follow with toner and treatment/moisturizer if needed.


Pure Skin Care by UltraPure Cosmetics

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Reviews (5)

Anne 2nd Mar 2019

Bright Skin face wash

It works wonderfully. Service is great. I always receive my product within a couple of days of ordering.

Shawna 11th May 2017


I LOVE Bright Skin!! So gentle. Doesn't dry me out like so many other products do. And it smells good!

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