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Great Product

Posted by Christel

I bought this after being diagnosed with Celiac disease 2 months ago. Since finding and using this product for 5 weeks now, I can say that this product is great. I love it.


Posted by Kelly

This is the first time that I have ever used a mineral based foundation and blush. The starter is just amazing! The colors match so well that it is hard to tell I am even wearing it. More importantly it hides the redness and evens my skin tone out!!!! It lasts all day as well! Love this product!!!

Foundation that stays! ❤

Posted by Crystal Lynne

I have been using my ultra pure mineral perfection set for over a week now and I am very very impressed. I was looking for natural, soy free (soy is an endocrine disruptor and a phytoestrogen) foundation. I odered the colors for medium skin and wow I am so impressed. You can not tell Im wearing foundation at ALL!!! It looks flawless on your skin not cakey like most foundations. What an awesome base for the rest of my ultra pure makeup. Might I add that the blush that comes with the set has a slight shimmer to it which makes you look even more naturally gorgeous. I am so happy I am switching all the women in my family over. This company deserves to be the #1 makeup company for making the right decisions for using healthy ingredients in their makeup.


Posted by Leah

The best starter kit.. it's weightless, it's doesn't feel cakey, it's the perfect match, it's soy and gluten free and best of all it helped clear my acne within a few weeks of using.

Absolutely awesome!

Posted by undefined

I just have to say that I never write reviews but I had to with this product. First off I've been battling rosacea for the last year and a half. I've been looking for an all natural foundation that would be better for my skin so that it could breathe. I've never used mineral makeup until now. I have to say I was skeptical and afraid to even try the foundation because I didn't think it would cover the redness and blemishes. Wow!!! I can't believe how well this works. I ordered it in 'Light' and the Beachbabe as a bronzer for my cheeks. The customer service is wonderful. Tracy helped me to customize my trial kit. If you are looking for great all natural makeup please try it. I only wish I had sooner!

Absolutely awesome!

Posted by undefined

I just have to say that I never write reviews but I had to with this product. First off I've been battling rosacea for the last year and a half. I've been looking for an all natural foundation that would be better for my skin so that it could breathe. I've never used mineral makeup until now. I have to say I was skeptical and afraid to even try the foundation because I didn't think it would cover the redness and blemishes. Wow!!! I can't believe how well this works. I ordered it in 'Light' and the Beachbabe as a bronzer for my cheeks. The customer service is wonderful. Tracy helped me to customize my trial kit. If you are looking for great all natural makeup please try it. I only wish I had sooner!

Finally, A Match!

Posted by Rdr.

I am one of the super-sensitives when it comes to topical gluten, and I react to soy, as well. Searching for gluten free/soy free makeup that meets my standards has been quite the adventure, and I've tried numerous brands. The major issue I've had has been finding a foundation that matches my skin tone. I happened upon the Ultra Pure website, and I decided to order the Mineral Perfection Set, since two foundation colors are included. I am delighted to say that both the Warm Glow and the Beach Babe work for me, where other brands' colors have not. Finally, a match! The quality of Ultra Pure cosmetics is superb. I am happy with the mascara, too, and I look forward to trying more of this line!

Love it!

Posted by undefined

I was looking for a makeup to give me good coverage without the cake face look and this does it! My face looks fresh and healthy and it blends really well!


Posted by Sandy

I've been using your mineral foundation every day for some time and I love it. My skin really does look amazing! What's better is that I became a real believer in the sun protection it offers, because my skin never burns or even gets pink while going hiking (even for hours). Yesterday (Sun) I took a day off from wearing makeup, and took my dog out for about 45 minute walk and then later a 40 min walk and to my surprise, at bedtime I realized how much sun my face got..it was red, I was stunned. I could see the true benefit of this product. I also love that it is chemical free protection and only 5 ingredients.

Great clean coverage!

Posted by undefined

First time trying your products. I'm allergic to soy so the soy-free factor was how I found you in a search. I love this make-up. It has great coverage that feels like nothing at all.

Enhances Your Beautiful Complexion!

Posted by Sarah

I was a skeptic. I didn't believe this makeup would go on as smooth as bareMinerals, but I needed to switch brands because bareMinerals was causing my poor, gluten-free, soy-free skin to breakout. I was pleased to find that Ultra Pure Mineral Cosmetics is even more effective than bareMinerals in covering blemishes, and even helps them heal quickly! Another great aspect of the makeup is that the longer you wear it throughout the day, the better it looks! It's like nothing else I've ever tried! Thank you!

This makeup kit is amazing!!

Posted by Chelsea Z

Finding out about this makeup kit was an answer to prayer! For years I have tried to find a makeup that would not irritate my sensitive, allergy and acne-prone skin. I have spent tons of time and money on trying different products, only to be disappointed. For the first time ever, I have an even skin tone without that frustrating redness! :-) This kit is perfect to find out what shade you are and you can't beat the price!! THANK YOU ULTRA PURE!! :-D

Absolute perfection!

Posted by Courtney

After using liquid foundation for years, I was hesitant about this product. I realize now how silly that was! It's amazing and I love how smooth and even it looks. I'm allergic to soy so I am unbelievably grateful to have such wonderful products available. Thank you!

Best Complete Kit and Value...Love it!!

Posted by Michelle

The name says it all....Perfection!!! I was first introduced to Ultra Pure Cosmetics back in 2008 and have been a devoted customer ever since! The Mineral Perfection Set not only gives you the opportunity to experience several of the great foundation shades, but it also gives you everything you need to complete your whole face base makeup. There is no other cosmetic line out there on the market today, which has been more consumer concerned and chemical aware. I have been a professional freelance makeup artist for over 10 years, and would not use anything else.

I love my Ultra Pure makeup

Posted by jill

I am so in love with my Ultra Pure makeup. It goes on so smoothly and makes my skin look flawless. It doesn't clog my pores, and it washes off easily. So many good colors, I get to match it right to my skin tone. A good price for such great, natural, pure makeup!


Posted by Tania O. Licenced Esthetican

I absolutely LOVE the products. The few I purchased have been amazing! I have shared with everyone how much I love the makeup. Every time I wear this makeup exclusively, I get tons of compliments on how flawless my skin and make up looks.

Was wary at first...

Posted by Stephanie

The concealer (quick fix neutral): I found it to be nothing special, I prefer my previous one from the drug store.. still claiming to be gluten-free. This one "slides" off my face, and seems to cake up and make my skin oilier. The foundation (Bisque): LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I think it does a good job on any sort of coverage level and comes in wonderful shades. NOTE: I still have to wear a different foundation underneath that helps with blemishes because without it I have a lot of clogged pores. I don't know it it breaks me out per say but it may aggravate my sensitive skin. Translucent finishing powder: I wish it had mattifying ingredients like the rest of them but I didn't see that until I had the shipment in my hands. I have oily skin but usually have no problem with touching up for a few hours. This made it nearly impossible to go to work for even a four hour shift without my makeup looking splotchy and gross. Blush (Neutral Pink): I really like the color!! I wouldn't have chosen it exactly and it doesn't look like that bright pink shade on the site but it is a fabulous color on anyone. And for the brush... I really love it, especially for one in a starter kit! It blends gorgeously.

Finally, my search is over!

Posted by Kim

I have found my makeup home here at UltraPure! A recently diagnosed soy allergy and a search for non toxic makeup has been challenging. I tried several brands locally that either itched my skin or did not go on smoothly and I also contacted many online companies concerning their ingredients. I have always had difficulty getting a good foundation color match even with the help of consultants at the makeup counter so I was very hesitant to order online, truly expecting it to be a waste of my money. I called for help in choosing a foundation color and was directed to this Perfection Set and it truly was a great choice. My order was slightly customized and I love it all. The foundation goes on smoothly, the powder gives a great finish, I love the blush and the BRUSH is fantastic! I opted out on the concealer and received a sample of eye shadow instead and the color is great! I had previously ordered lipstick, lip liner and mascara, testing the waters here at UltraPure. Each product is amazing, not one downside to any one of them. Customer service is excellent and delivery to Texas was quite speedy. My face is happy to be wearing makeup again! Anyone afraid to take the plunge, trust me the water is perfect here.


Posted by undefined

I recently found out that my allergies are not only to foods, but to topical things as well. I got rid of all my old makeup as I was allergic to all of it, and felt hopeless. This makeup feels like nothing, goes on light, and makes me feel pretty again. I like it, but I doubt anyone looking for full coverage foundation would enjoy it.

Pure Product

Posted by undefined

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and told to go soy free, I have been on a quest to find make-up I could wear that was pure and without all the added chemicals. I don't think I have ever worn a product I would give five stars. I do not wear make-up everyday but when I do wear it, i want it to look natural and not "made up". I'm not twenty anymore, either so there are lines there that I don't want product to 'settle' into. This is a great product that meets all those requirements. I thank you for a great product I feel good wearing and feel safe wearing.

This is truly the best mineral makeup I have ever used!

Posted by Rachel

I try so hard to take care of what I put in my body, I know it is just as important to be aware of what I am putting on my skin. I have tried a coupe of different kinds, but this is by far the best mineral makeup I have ever used. This is fresh and light, and doesn't make my skin dry or breakout! It goes on so smooth that I look naturally flawless. I am so in love with this, I get a lot of comments from family and friends on how good my skin looks.


Posted by Theresa


LOVE this make up!

Posted by undefined

Best make-up I've ever used!

love it!

Posted by undefined

I am allergic to soy and have had the hardest time finding good makeup with no soy in it. It is the greatest makeup I've ever used.


Posted by undefined

My light mineral perfection set: is very lovely! The concealer (the color is great) blends in perfectly along with the flawless powder. I love the blush -the color is fantastic! Just a few sprinkles is all you need for both cheeks, it's great. Kabuki brush is so nice so so soft . Thank you ever so much i will shop again.

Excellent product line! Totally Impressed!

Posted by undefined

I was introduced to the product by a friend who owns a salon. I had seen the make-up line displayed at the salon and was told it was awesome stuff... I have heard that from people so many times, so I just ignored it and didn't give it a try. One day I was getting my hair cut/colored and had no makeup on. One of the girls at the salon applied some of the makeup on me and I was totally impressed! It stayed on for the rest of the evening and it felt like I was wearing no makeup at all. It gave me such a pretty glow. The next day, I called the salon and was like "I want to buy it," so I went to the salon the next day and purchased it. I never use any type of power to my skin, as I am in my late forties and was never impressed with power-based makeup as it seems to fill the tiny lines in my face and make the lines more pronounced. This make-up is spectacular! I truly love it. Its so easy to apply and I actually like putting on my makeup. It makes me look younger and it feels so lightweight! Definitely recommend this one! Thank you Ultra Pure!

I'm a fan

Posted by Leigh

First and foremost, The customer service is phenominal. I ordered the light set but because I'm so pale I needed to make an adjustment to the colors. Tracy worked and worked with me and I can't say enough nice about her. Now on to the makeup, I've been using this for about a week and I'm not sure its helping with acne but that remains to be seen. I'm using fair and the goddess matte setting powder and I ordered the translucent setting powder to top it off. The set came with the light powder too but it proved to be to orange for my skin. Also in the interest of disclosure, I do use a clinique tinted moistureizer. It's light and adds very little color but I do use it underneath the powder set. I like the fact that it lasts all day. I used bare minerals for years and it never lasted but a few hours before it started fading. I live in Texas and it's hot, so I like that this makeup is hanging with me. I get a nice even tone that lasts and doesn't look too heavy. So after a week of steady use I'm a fan. My skin is generally cranky and I'm allergic to a lot of things, plus I liked the idea of wearing something that didn't add a lot of junk to the makeup. I'm not a big blush wearer so I don't have much to say on that front. Lastly, the brush is worth its weight in gold. I love it, like really really love it. My mother was visiting and she tried to steal it. Love.

Great product.....great service!

Posted by undefined

I bought the foundation and setting powder from a local salon in December. I decided to try the sample set to try out the colors and also to get the brush. I was SO impressed with the quality of the set and the fact that I received the product the day after I ordered it- great service. My skin has never felt better!

A perfect match!

Posted by Jan R

I can't say enough wonderful praise for this foundation/powder/blush set!!! It is truly amazing. Believe me I have tried all the mineral makeup available and there is nothing that compares to UltraPure. It not only lasts all day but is so light on your skin and never caused any reaction what-so-ever. I have just been diagnosed with a soy allergy and this makeup is Heaven sent. Give it a try you will LOVE it.


Posted by Mary

I have spent a small fortune in the past on skin care and cosmetics for my Rosacea/acne/ oily skin. I had used Pure Mineral makeup and then they had to change something as my face broke out and was real red and irritated and I had to find something else. In my search I found Ultra Pure. Wow!! soft, light (doesn't feel heavy), and non-drying. Within a few days my skin improved tremendously and I couldn't be happier. The only improvement I could ask for is skin care especially for very sensitive skin and/or Rosacea from this company and I wouldn't have to search any more. The product is wonderful and priced just right. Oh and I can't forget, customer service is wonderful. I had "technical difficulty" ordering online, but called and spoke with a real person who was so nice and helpful. All I ask is keep up the good work.

Give it a try you wont regret it

Posted by Rss

A year ago I started using this product, I am still using it, I hesitated because when ever I buy sets, or get some as gifts, they are way off - I am latina and this fits perfect! Also one huge detail, it evens out my skin color when applied and I am very thankful for that!

Amazing Make-Up

Posted by Jenny

I bought this makeup set about two months ago and can't believe how much product you get in this set (I've purchased other sets and it didn't last long at all)! I love how natural it looks and that it takes only 5 minutes in the morning!

Great Starter Set

Posted by Kathleen S.

This is the perfect set to buy if you are just starting out with this line....I especially loved that they upgraded the buki brush in the set to the Ultimate Buffer Brush (which is amazing).


Mineral Perfection Sets are trial sizes (except for the Mineral Concealer which is full-size). Each Flawless Finish Foundation contains 2g, Matte Setting Powder 1.7g, and Blush 1g.