Is Your Skincare Routine Keeping Up?

Is Your Skincare Routine Keeping Up?

Published by UltraPure Cosmetics on 17th May 2023

Skincare complaint: Hyperpigmentation • Dull • Dry • Sagging Skin • Wrinkles

It’s not easy looking in the mirror and seeing (minor or major) changes in our appearance. You ask “how did this happen”, only yesterday I looked young and beautiful.

Sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles around eyes and mouth…’s all too much! How do I turn the clock back without succumbing to botox injections, fillers, and surgery? Are there really products out there that can have a profound effect on our skin? YES! There is hope in a bottle! Never before have we seen such remarkable high performing actives in skincare today. Our advice is to be consistent with products.  Give products a chance to work! 

Cellular turnover changes over time (like everything else).  Young skin behaves very differently than older skin.  Cellular turnover describes how quickly cells migrate from the deeper levels of skin to the top layers.  The aging process contributes to slower cellular turnover and an increase in loss of collagen and elastin.  Lifestyle choices also contribute to slower turnover which can result in loss of skin vibrance, dullness, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.

Infant skin turnover is 3-5 days. 

Teens 10-24 days

20's 14-21 days

30's 28-45 days

40's 45-60 days

50's 60-90 days!

Step 1:

Let’s start with CLEANERS. Pick the RIGHT CLEANSER for your skin (not your friend or family members or whatever is in the bathroom). The family soap bar is out (NO!). Our skin needs different cleansers at different times in the year, so the cleanser you used in the summer may not be suitable in the winter. Needs can change during travel, menstruation, and change based on medications you may be taking. 

For hyperpigmented skin that is dry and dull, we might suggest our Bright Skin Cleanser. A high-performance professional cleanser with skin-specific ingredients that address issues pronto!  Rumex Extract (a plant from the Canadian prairie) naturally inhibits enzymes responsible for brown pigmentation. Considered MORE effective than arbutin, turmeric, and hydroquinone as a skin lightener. This would be your “main” everyday cleanser, possibly coupled with AHA Mint Exfoliating Cleanser (used 1-3 times per week, depending on skin type) to gently exfoliate with lactic, tartaric and malic acids. These acids gently clear off the dead skin cells on the surface of skin, leaving behind fresh plump beautiful soft skin.  We have several cleansers that will go the distance for all skin types (dry/sensitive, normal, combination, oily, mature).  For more information on these products, 

Step 2:

Next step TONER. Is there such a thing anyway?   What a confusing term! Toners were “created” a long time ago to “bring your skin back into pH balance after cleansing”. While it’s true many bar soaps and other cleansers, including store bought brands, may be too alkaline for the skin,  UltraPure’s cleansers are pH balanced and work in synergy with the skin, never irritating or stripping the acid mantle (the protective barrier on the surface). The “toners” of today or “treatment sprays” offer SO MUCH MORE than our predecessors.  For this client, we would choose our Phyto-C Infusion Spray. An instant hydration infusion with two types of Vitamin C (MAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Acerola) offering potent antioxidant protection, refines, and brightens. Bamboo Water a nutrient rich water to balance overall fluids, Hyaluronic Acid plumps skin, and there is so much more in this “jam packed” formulation. It’s a must-have product in every cosmetic bag!

It truly is a miracle elixir.  This product also preps the skin for step 3. For more info on this product, CLICK HERE.

Step 3: SERUM: Peptides to rescue: Why do you need this? Peptides are building blocks for the skin which may help stimulate collagen renewal.   They can help re-contour (helps with sagging skin). Typically serums are light-weight gels that, in most cases, absorb rapidly and contain multiple anti-aging actives. UltraPure’s Line Erase Peptide6 Serum is a potent multi-peptide regenerating serum with a complex of probiotics, green tea, pomegranate, caffeine (great for puffiness). May be used AM/PM.  You may also pair with ReversAge (Retinol Treatment PM).  For more info on this product, CLICK HERE.

Step 4:  RETINOL.  Step up cellular turnover with ReversAge Rx.  Used nightly, this may help increase collagen/elastin production, and create clear healthy skin tone,  CLICK HERE for more information.

Step 5  Moisture.  If skin is dry and fragile then look no further than Drenched in Moisture!   Ceramides paired with Natural Moisturizing Factors and other specialty ingredients like Vitamin C and K, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Watermelon Oil (and more),  that deeply nourish damaged or dry skin.  May be used alone or paired with Line Erase Serum.  CLICK HERE for more information.

This is a great start in your quest for beautiful flawless skin!  You may want to add a few other esthetic treatments to your weekly routine that may add some major benefits.  We like to use a LED Photo Therapy to promote fibroblast activity deep in the skin.  

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